All About me

I've always been a fan of having my nails manicured, although I preferred them short and to look natural. Getting to a nail salon however, was difficult to say the least. With working as a nurse full time, raising 3 amazing children, and being married, I have had a difficult time finding something that would keep my nails looking beautiful and STAY ON for more than a few days. I thought I had tried everything. Imagine my surprise when Jamberry worked better than any manicure, gel, etc. had ever worked! I could never get a manicure to last a week let alone 2! After seeing how easy they were to apply, combined with the endless design options, AND the convenience of doing them at home...I can now say I am officially addicted!
Being able to become an independent consultant was just icing on the cake! Not only do I get to meet extraordinary women all the time, I have the Opprotunity to give back as well. One of my favorite ways to party with Jamberry is doing Fundraisers! I love helping women show off their own style, all while giving to a great cause!
I know that after you try Jamberry nail wraps once, you too will fall in love with them as much as I have. Just like me, it will give you something to do for yourself that you probably don't do enough of anyways. So go ahead and pamper yourself, no one will know how easy or affordable it really is!

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